. . .Won't Be Going There Again. . .

The day after I got home from Calgary, my husband and I flew off to Tampa to attend the World of Quilts show and help out the Social Justice Sewing Academy there. The night before the show started we went out to dinner with Sara Trail, and Nancy Williams at Ulele, a Native-American inspired menu. 
 It was located next to the riverwalk and the grounds were beautiful.

 The food was fabulous!
 The dessert was even better.  This bacon ice cream was so good!

The next morning, as I was getting ready to go to the Tampa Convention Center, the entire right side of my body went numb, so instead of the Convention Center we made our way to Tampa General Hospital. I was taken in immediately, given a CT scan, or was it an MRI? No stroke but they wanted to keep me and figure out what the problem was.

 I was given the dreaded yellow socks indicating I was a fall risk.
 And then hooked up to the leg squeezers, which I actually like. Wish I had a pair to wear at home. They make sure the blood keeps circulating and you don't get blood clots. They also helped the swelling in my ankles. When I left the hospital my ankles were the thinnest I'd seen them in years.

 Got all the fun stuff. Lots of tests, heart monitor, blah, blah, blah. They decided I may have had a TIA (mini stroke), and they didn't like what they were hearing in my heart. They thought I had Afib (which a later test at home confirmed). They kept me for two nights and wanted to keep me longer. Hubby just wanted to get me home to Utah. He hated the entire experience. Never much fun when your spouse is sick. The biggest issue came because I didn't have my PFO Closure card with me. They had no proof of what type of closure I had in my heart and it kept them from going ahead with some vital tests. Finally I realized I could call my neighbor and ask them to go in to my house and take a photo of the identification card to send to me. Once the doctors had that information they were able to move forward. It also took a couple of doctors a day and a half to confirm that I didn't have significant closure in my carotid artery so that I could fly home.
Fun times.
 So, this was the closest I got to the Tampa Convention center. 
The quilt show was over before I got out of the hospital.
 My husband has decided that we are never going to Tampa again. 
It's not Tampa's fault, but it doesn't bring back fond memories for him. So long Tampa!


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