100 Days of Trees - 39 to 47

I decided using the white Uno Signo pen would be an excellent way to bring out the foreground in the white birches for day 39. I bought a bundle of the white Signo pens a year or so ago and I really need to use them more. 

My almost 3 year old grandson decided to help me out on day 40. 
This tree is a precious treasure now.
When asked what it was, he of course said it was a beep beep (car).

Day 41 was quick tree of some kind, while days 42 and 43 got more to the root of the matter.  I love to incorporated doodles and tangles in drawings.

Days 39 to 47
Day 44 was inspired by an olive tree photo I found online.
Day 45 is an evergreen carved into EcoKarve. I love the simplicity of it.
I love a twisted tree. Do you? I've seen a lot of half alive trees this year and they are inspiring me with their beautiful branches, and leaves. Once upon a time, I remember being told that trees are so forgiving. You can chop at them, wrap stuff around them, infest them with disease and bugs and they will continue to grow the best they can.

And finally, the colors and blooms of spring and summer are arriving.


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