100 Days of Trees - 48 to 65

A Banyan tree stamp for day 48.
Day 49 was based upon a tree I passed one day with a great tire swing.
Wood grain or tree bark for day 50.
And then I became obsessed with using a Pental brush ink pen from Jet Pens.

Some trees seemed to have better success than others. But that is the point of a 100 day project. Keep trying and trying to perfect your skills! Not too excited by the twin palm trees on day 62, but the single palm was a little better.

Day 64 was an attempt at carving a stamp with a lot of texture in the leaves. There was a line of sunlight I tried to incorporate. Not sure how successful that was.
And finally Day 65 was an attempt at trying a new style of tree.


Lynda said…
Lisa, These are amazing!

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