Dye Prep

One of the biggest parts of teaching a class is the preparation. As I teach I come up with little short cuts here and there - like making a list of everything needed, which is kept in a notebook as well as on my computer. Before I prepped for my latest dye party, I had to use up the dyes from the last dye party.

I experimented with the old dyes in a gradation.

And I can't seem to dye without getting it all over me!

Once the old dyes were used, and the bottles were washed it was time to mix new dyes. I like to do as much in advance as possible. Of course, it's not very helpful when I use cheap gloves!

 As I mix the dyes I make a color chart. Makes it easier for everyone to know what the color will look like. If you do this, it's best to paint soda ash over the color after you paint the chart, rather than using a dry piece of soda soaked fabric. Why? You ask? Because the soda ash will attract color in the wash and you might end up with a blue background instead of white. As me how I know!

There's a smiley face on my hand!
Happy Dyeing!


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