Quilter's Holladay Dye Party

Over the past 10 years (maybe more) our guild has been having a dye party every July.
Batik artist, Anne Munoz, started out as our leader in this endeavor and then somehow or another I got put in charge. hahaha I love it. It's a great party. Each year we will have a few newbies, but for the most part everyone knows what they are doing and they go at it.
Andrea trying to decide on a color. This is always the hardest part.

Paula creating fabulous designs.

Wendy trying her hand at abstract dye painting.

Shaving cream marble printing is always fun.

Someone added a second piece of fabric to see if the dyes were still good after marbling.


I found these drops of dye from the ice dyeing beautiful.

Everyone has come up with interesting containers for their ice dyeing over the years.

Ruth protecting herself while shaking on some dyes for ice dyeing.

Jill creating a Shibori piece to dye.

Someone sprinkled some Urea over a beautifully dye painted fabric.
It gives the same sparkly illusion that salt does with watercolor painting.
And last, but not least, the obligatory miniature horse pictures! Betty Jo, who has graciously hosted the dye party all these years, has a large field behind her house which she rents out. For the past few years these miniature horses have lived there.

They really like carrots. 

Somehow I only got a picture of this cutie.


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