Wishes of Health For The World

In 2014, I created a webinar on how to make Shibori and stenciled Prayer Flags. 
These flags have been hanging in my front yard tree ever since. And despite the faded colors, the flags have held up well. With the current Covid-19 pandemic, I decided it was time to create new flags to send my wishes of health and calm to the world through the winds. I used hand dyed fabrics, an acrylic paint pen, and some of my hand carved stamps.  If you would like to make some to brighten your world, I've created a tutorial below.
The blue flags at the bottom are my newest flags.

  • Fat Quarter of fabric - (18"x22") hand dyed, solid or a print. All of them will work!
  • Acrylic paint pen such as Posca, or a Sharpie marker
  • Stamps, hand carved or commerical *
  • Stamp pad, such as VersaCraft which stays on Fabric *
  • 4 yards of Ribbon - my favorite to use is a 1/4" grosgrain
  • Sewing machine, or hand needle and thread
  • *only if you aren't using a print fabric

 I find this first part the most fun. Take your paint pen and write words you want to send out to the world. If you are using a printed fabric, write on the back of the fabric. If it's a batik, just a pick a side and write. Maybe write out your favorite poem, or song, or a letter to the world, or maybe just all the words you can think of to send peace, love and healing. (I did the last one) It doesn't matter if the words are legible. Just get it all out there. All the positivity you want to put out in to the world.

If you used a print fabric you can skip this step. If not, then flip the fabric over, and print away with your stamp and ink pad to create a design. You can also use screen printing paint on your stamps to create a darker image, but I was going for fast and easy. (This looks so much duller in the photo than I thought it looked in real life!)

Once both sides are decorated, cut your fat quarter in thirds long ways. You'll now have three pieces that are about 22"long by 6" wide.

Layer the three pieces on top of one another and cut into 60 degree triangles or rectangles approximately 7"x 6". Obviously 7 doesn't go in to 22 exactly so don't worry about exact measuring. You don't even have to use a ruler if you don't want to. Just wing it.

If you cut triangles you will end up with about 15 triangles and 6 half triangles. Toss the halves or put them in to your string of flags. Whichever floats your boat. If you add them in to your flags you might need more ribbon.

Finish up by stitching the flags to the ribbon. Start the first flag 12" in on the ribbon. Place the flag under (or over) the ribbon, and stitch the flags to the ribbon. Backstitch at the beginning and end of each flag.

If you hang your flags in a tree, please don't tie them tightly to the tree. We don't want the ribbon to cut in to the bark. I tie them loose enough so the flags can hang for many years without ever going in to the bark.

Remember, we aren't creating masterpieces here. Don't worry about perfection. These flags are meant to cheer and brighten our world and send wishes of health, happiness and calm as as we physically distance ourselves from each other to avoid spreading Covid-19. I'm grateful for the internet so we can stay in touch! Stay healthy my friends!


Vivien Zepf said…
I'd forgotten about prayer flags but this seems the perfect time to revisit their intent. Thanks! (Yours look lovely, by the way.)

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